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Limited company formation
United Kingdom Company Registration Guide

Ltd Company Formation

This company incorporation guide is ideal for those using our online company formation services. More information and guidance may be obtained by viewing the Company Guidance section of this website.
Incorporating a limited company will separate a person’s identity from his/her business. Sole traders and general partnerships afford the owners no protection against unlimited personal liability for business debt and law suits against the business. Creditors of sole traders and general partnerships can sue the owners of the business, enabling them to make legal moves to seize the owner's home/s, car/s, savings and other personal assets. Using a limited company will limit liability to a creditor to the value of the limited company. This safeguards the owner’s personal assets in the unfortunate event of the business failing.

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Private limited companies are the most widely used type of company and are suitable for the majority of businesses. Ltd companies may continue to operate regardless of what happens to directors, officers or shareholders. If a sole trader or a partner dies the business may automatically end or it may become involved in complex legal disputes. Limited companies have an unlimited life and may extend beyond the life of the founders.

Limited Company Registration

Business Inc is a respected company formation agent offering complete United Kingdom incorporation and offshore company registration services to suit a wide range of needs. Our company formation service fulfills all statutory requirements pertaining to the incorporation of the new company. Our services are designed to be helpful to your business whatever the initial capital or legal status.

All our limited company registration packages include all the necessary legal and supportive documents such as certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, first minutes, share allotment and other statutory forms. During the company formation process it is important to ensure that you do not use a company name which contains any sensitive words, you cannot justify. Please read the sensitive words section for rules concerning company names located in our formation guides.

Same day Formation

Our online company registration system allows us to incorporate our client’s limited company using the clients chosen director/s and secretary and all without the client having to complete or sign any paper forms. The online and telephone process takes 3 – 5 minutes. The limited company formation and issuance of certificate of incorporation takes approximately 2-3* hours. One of the benefits of executive limited company formation service is that there are no paper forms to complete or sign. Clients ordering an executive limited company formation service before midday will typically have the limited company documents dispatched to them the same day.

Limited Company Incorporation with Fast Track Business Banking

Customers ordering our executive formation package will receive fast track UK bank account opening introduction and facilitation with a choice Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds TSB or Natwest. In most cases our clients do not need to complete a bank account application form. There is a requirement to sign and provide acceptable identification and proof of residence such a utility or council tax bill. In most cases we can assist non status customers and customers with adverse credit history to open a non status business bank account. If you require your limited company with fast track account opening please tell us on the customer notes section of the online order form. We also provide guaranteed international multi currency offshore bank accounts and merchant account facility but there are additional fee for this.

Our online company formation system is easy: simply follow the step by step prompts by clicking here to start the limited company formation process.

Electronic Company Registration, What’s the Legal Basis?

The legal basis for electronic company formation the United Kingdom’s without signing or completing the traditional paper forms is prescribed under section 707B of the Companies Act 1985 and states:" the Registrar has the power to approve the form and manner of delivery of documents by electronic communication and the way in which they are authenticated in place of being signed." This approval has been issued in the form of a directive signed by the Registrar setting out the relevant requirements. Each electronic ‘document’ is filed using a company authentication code known only to Companies House and us. The authentication code takes the place of a signature on the document. Consequently, it is possible to register your chosen company name online using our easy to use our online limited company formation module.

Limited Companies and Taxation

Taking the limited company formation route can provide significant tax advantages when compared to operating as a Sole Trader or a General Partnership, e.g. sole traders pay income tax rates on all income and limited companies pay the lower corporation tax, on profits only. In order to legally mitigate or eliminate tax liability one circumstance must be carefully considered. The Inland Revenue provides excellent tax information on their informative website.

Limited Companies and Protection of Business Name

No two limited companies are allowed to have the same name. This protection is not afforded to individuals or partnerships. It important to note that the names on the Companies House register can be very similar for example ABC Limited, ABC UK Limited and ABC 2005 Limited can all be registered at the same time. Our site is connected to the Companies House company register database. When you enter your chosen company name in the company search field, our online limited company formation system will inform you if your chosen company is available for registration.

If your company name and brand is important to you would be prudent to consider registering a trade mark. It is also advisable to steer clear of companies who offer business name protection without the use of official government’s Patent Office issued trade mark. In addition to our company formation we register trade marks at a fraction of the cost of using a trade mark lawyer.

If you require further information please take a few moments to read the official Companies House guides available on this site. Official guides can be found on the following url: Basic information may also be obtained from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

It is very easy to complete the all the limited company formation formalities on this site. We also offer a range of services designed to help our clients launch a successful business.

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