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instant delivery of information and detailed analytics on every UK and Irish incorporated and unincorporated business
Press Releases :

Business Credit Reports - Dynamic Access to Data

We have launched a United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland company credit report and business credit check service. The service offers instant delivery of information and detailed analytics on every UK and Irish incorporated and unincorporated business ever to have traded since 1991.

The data, analytics and document images are obtained and delivered dynamically via an xml interface. Access to a range of reports and business credit searches is easy and instantaneous. Depending on the report type selected the search will provide everything from basic statutory information such as officers, ownership to in depth information including profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, accounts notes, ratios growth rates, mortgages, charges & satisfactions, company / industry comparison, filing history, directory information risk information county court judgement summaries, suggested credit limited, and suggested contract limit.

The service also provides Director Searches and business involvement reports on individuals. The reports offer extensive profiling with thorough cross referencing of an individual’s business involvement and activity including details of all directorships and shareholdings held as well as the annual turnover of the business connections identified.

Company Credit Check is available here:
Director and Business Involvement Reports are available here:

University of Buckingham Business School Appoints Business Inc as Corporate Advisors and Services Providers.
University of Buckingham Business School

The University of Buckingham Business School has appointed us as corporate services provider and as special advisors to the new Business Enterprise Degree course. The innovative course is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom and we are delighted to be associated with it.

The Ground-breaking degree requires students to start a real business and run it for the duration of their three year course. Acceptance and enrolment is subject to a viable and detailed business plan. Those accepted are given a start-up capital from Buckingham Angels venture capital Fund.

We are excited to be involved in a programme which combines academic learning with “real world” practical business experience. We will keep you posted on the progress of the businesses setup under this pioneering initiative from the University of Buckingham.

Offshore Companies in the Dubai and Seychelles Jurisdictions are launched

We have launched incorporation services in Dubai and the Seychelles. Often described as the Monte Carlo of the Middle East for its tax free status and opulent lifestyle, Dubai has emerged as popular tax haven for businesses and individuals. The jurisdiction has attracted significant number clients from Europe and Asia.

Dubai company formation
is attractive because the Emirate doesn’t collect taxes and is therefore not a signatory to any international exchange of information agreements. This fact makes Dubai amongst the most private jurisdictions in the world. All Dubai companies are free from corporation tax. There is also no income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Full company registration and management service is available from today (see:

Dubai offers international traders conducting business in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, excellent tax free trading and depending on the number of days an individual is outside his/her high tax country it may be possible to completely eliminate all forms of income and personal tax.

The announcement also included the addition of Seychelles company formation and management services. Seychelles offshore company law is based on legislation from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) which have been one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions of recent years.

For Europeans the Seychelles has a more favourable time difference with Europe whist the BVI offers only a 2-3 common working hours.

Both Dubai and the Seychelles are zero tax jurisdictions and provide excellent privacy. The introduction of both services will enhance customer choice as we will strive to bring new and innovative products and services to our clients. We will continue to devise solutions which legally mitigate or eliminate the burden of high taxation.

A Star Joins the Board - The New Goodwill Ambassador is Unvailed

Actress and TV presenter Laila Rouass today joined our board as a non executive director. The company will benefit from Laila vast experience in media communication.


Laila started her career as a model working for fashion houses such as Channel. Nowadays Laila is familiar to UK audiences first as a presenter on BBC World and BBC2 and later for her role as Amber Gates in ITV’s prime time hit series Footballer’s Wife’s. The show has since been receiving rave reviews in America where it is airs on BBC America.

Laila has a natural flair for business and an amazing ability for multitasking. We are proud to have Laila as our good will ambassador and a member of our board because she exemplifies the essence of Business Inc ethos and brand.

Business Inc Launches New Version of Website

A new version website went live today. The new edition provides statutory information and advanced company management. Fast track repeat ordering and account management system modules have also been introduced. Every functional element of the site is managed by a new bespoke content management system written from “ground up”. New features include order linked customer communication centre and customer access to an internal “two click” order system through member’s account login area.

We have been working hard to make this update possible, and hope both existing customers and future customers will enjoy using it.

company formation steps

We have added many other backend changes such as xml integration and automation of most commonly used functions to enhance customer experience. The user interface has been given a complete overhaul making the incorporation process intuitive and easy to follow (see above image).

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