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Ready Made Companies

All the ready-made companies in this section have been incorporated in England and Wales. Our company prices start very low.

The cost of companies listed here varies depending the age and name of the company. We have a range of vintage shelf companies all with annual returns and accounts filed at Companies House. Overseas customers ordering a ready-made company and wishing to receive a nominee secretary and registered office service should contact us so we may set-up the service.

In addition to our shelf companies we provide a list of aged vintage ready made companies already registered for VAT.

Shelf Companies start from £145 (see below for a full list or click on the for vintage VAT registered companies)

VAT registered ready made company

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List of Ready Made Companies

Company Name Company No. Category Inc. Date Price(£) Actions
Alfa Overseas Ltd 79936 Belize Company.. 12/04/2008 3779 Purchase
Bigfish International Corp 114453 Belize Company.. 08/02/2012 750 Purchase
Carlisle Management Limited 87178 Belize Company.. 10/05/2009 2999 Purchase
Castlewood Services Ltd 97489 Belize Company.. 23/09/2010 2350 Purchase
Charlemont International Ltd 98050 Belize Company.. 12/10/2010 2350 Purchase
Contex Limited 108773 Belize Company.. 18/08/2011 1650 Purchase
Dax Enterprises Ltd 07956341 Belize Company.. 05/10/2011 780 Purchase
Dellstar Management Inc 79936 Belize Company.. 05/05/2009 2999 Purchase
Foremost Ventures Ltd 108780 Belize Company.. 18/08/2011 1650 Purchase
Globeview Trading Ltd 109684 Belize Company.. 20/09/2011 1650 Purchase
Goldhall Consultants Ltd 89793 Belize Company.. 01/05/2010 2350 Purchase
Helix International Ltd 109684 Belize Company.. 11/07/2011 1650 Purchase
Helvetan Limited 07867610 UK Companie.. 01/12/2011 389 Purchase
Highland Associates Ltd 60931 Belize Company.. 05/03/2007 4500 Purchase
Kylemore Holdings Ltd 89787 Belize Company.. 01/05/2010 2350 Purchase
Lynx Ventures Ltd 93556 Belize Company.. 05/05/2010 2350 Purchase
RT Ltd 101815 Belize Company.. 14/02/2011 1650 Purchase
SKIPPINGSTONE VENTURES LTD 115319 Belize Company.. 02/03/2012 750 Purchase
Sub Amex International Limited 85794 Belize Company.. 08/06/2009 2999 Purchase
Trilink Group Ltd 111142 Belize Company.. 11/07/2011 1650 Purchase
Tropical Group Ltd 69006 Belize Company.. 14/01/2008 4500 Purchase
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