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Virtual Office London and New York

The costs of setting up an office, employing a secretary or receptionist and installing phone, fax and computer facilities can run into thousands of pounds. Using our Virtual Office solutions you will have access to all of this as well as other services normally available only to large established companies.

Your Virtual Office also provides a full range of telephone services with free additional non-geographical local and national numbers as well as freephone and premium rate numbers.

Depending on level of your subscription the service is available 24 hours a day and any call can be transferred or diverted to you anywhere in the world!

All our Virtual Office packages provide live telephone answering in your company name by a professionally trained secretary. We offer packages to suit start-ups, sole traders, freelancers and a range of other customers including organisations which require the services during busy periods, team meetings, seminars and training events. In these circumstances calls are routed to us and we act as an extension of your organisation at a fraction of the cost of employing someone. This is called Call Overflow Management and our Virtual Office packages are capable of handling Call Overflow. Subscribers of who use own New York Virtual Office can request 24 hour answering service.

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Our solutions will also interest clients who fall into any of the following categories:

• Start-ups wishing to minimize cost & Start-up expenditure
• Companies not wishing to miss calls when their line/s are busy
• Companies with mobile workers
• Consultants, IT Engineers, Journalist, and other freelancers
• Full Time employed with external business interests
• Self Employed, e.g. Builders, Electricians, Plumbers etc
• Charitable and Voluntary Organisations
• Small Medium Enterprise (Call overflow services)
• Public Sector Organisations
• Campaign Groups

People prefer an immediate response from a person, not a machine. There is no substitute to the human voice when someone rings. Business Inc telephone answering service ensures that someone will always answer the phone when you are out or unavailable. We become your 'Virtual' Secretary or Virtual Office.

Independent Research shows:

• 81% of callers hang up when connected to an answering machine.
• 75% of callers hang up after the 6th ring.
• 33% of businesses have problems with every incoming call.
• 80% of first time callers will go elsewhere if greeted by an engaged tone.
• 84% of callers will wait or hold if they know they will speak to a real person.

We will provide you your own dedicated telephone number and answer calls in your company name to create a good impression. Our system can manage 30 simultaneously inbound calls. If all lines or operators are busy your caller is placed in a sophisticated call queuing system with periodic announcement and music. The call is then answered by the next available operator.

Integrated Messaging System

We can take messages for you exactly as you specify and will pass them onto you in convenient manor. We can instantly forward all messages and faxes by email. You may also listen to your messages from any telephone handset anywhere in the world. It is also possible to keep your existing number or use your new 0207 number we provide.

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