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Web Design

In recent years the internet has emerged as a major outlet for business to sell and promote their products and services through the use of ecommerce. The government's Office of National Statistics reported that in 2003 UK internet sales reached £23.3 billion and this is projected to increase to £120 billion by 2008.

The internet represents a tremendous opportunity for small and medium size business because it offers the best "equaliser" and in many cases a level playing field between small companies and large corporates. There are an increasing number of small companies which have better internet presence than the large multinationals.

No website is better than a bad website!

A well designed website is the cost effective way to showcase your products or services. It also gives you the opportunity to sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A well designed and well functioning website also allows you to provide out of hours support and information about your products and services. Please take time to browse our portfolio of websites and our domain registration and web hosting service.

"We have discontinued the Sunmac Design brand name. All design and web development services are currently being re-branded under the familiar Business Inc corporate identity".

Web Design Portfolio

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Forward Consultants
Synergy personal
Bond International Properties
Ayman Tyler
JA Jewellers
Ranjit and Co.
CCC 200 Calling Cards
Safe Travel Holidays
Ranjit & Co - II
CCC 2000 Limited
Safe Travel Holidays
Dental Care
Imperial Consultants
Tamsa Trading
Dental Care Website
Tamsa Trading Company

At Business Inc we pride ourselves on designing web sites that effectively market your business to its target audience. We produce well designed pages which are pleasing to the eye. We work with you to come up with a concept and a design that fits your style. During the various phases of the design process you will be able to view your web site as it takes shape from any computer with Internet access.

Please talk to us about your requirements and we will design and develop your website to suit your organisation's corporate identity. If your organisation does not yet have a corporate identity we can create one for you. Please visit our branding and corporate identity page.

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